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Oyasumi Scents

Gross No More

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Our must-have spray that is a powerful deodoriser, making you gross no more (geddit?). This spray can also be used for creating an uplifting and energising atmosphere.

Ideal for:
Deodorising fabric items (e.g. un-washable soft toys and smelly shoes)
Creating an uplifting and energising atmosphere

The Story Behind Gross No More
Our daughter suffers from seasonal allergies (well, make it annual allergies, but steroids didn't work on her. Neither did oral medications. However, we discovered a perfect blend that kept her sniffles at bay.

Ironically, everything this blend touched also smelled fresh and clean. With further research, we discovered our mix is a powerful deodoriser too! Now, Gross No More is a staple in our home. We breathe better with it, and we kill the stink with it too.


50mL essential oil spray.

Scent Profile

Lavender: Calm and soothing. Lavender helps ease the mind, and can also open up sinuses.

Lemon: Bright and zesty! Lemon essential oil is a powerful deodoriser & has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce congested nasal passages. 

Eucalyptus Dives: The kid-safe version of eucalyptus that won't irritate those little lungs. Eucalyptus dives has a minty, uplifting scent that deodorises and clears congestion.

Tea Tree: A powerful combatant of mustiness, tea tree is a perfect deodoriser. It also helps clean the air for those suffering from seasonal allergies. 

Directions for Use

Always conduct a patch test first.

Shake well & spray directly on skin (adults only) and/or fabric items Use within 6 months as this is an all-natural product.

For children, spray on clothing or lovies. Do not spray directly on skin.