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Oyasumi Scents

Gross No More Squish Soap

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Squish it! Squeeze it! Our Squish Soaps are the cleanest, most de-stressing fun you'll ever have. Made with eco-friendly castile soap and jojoba oil for a clean, moisturising fun.



Colours may vary from photos as items are handcrafted.

Made with: castile soap, corn flour, organic essential oils (lemon, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus dives), organic jojoba oil, germall plus, colouring

How to Use Our Squish Soaps

For ages 4+ (and adults too!)

1. Squeeze it! Squish it! Play with our soap like you would with clay.

2. To use as soap: Pinch off a piece (a little goes a long way!), add some water and lather.

3. Store the remainder in the container provided.

4. If wet, let air dry. DO NOT let it sit in water.

5. If you can't help it and use the entire soap in the bath, keep it as dry as possible in between showers to prolong life.

6. Have fun!