Oh hey! So honoured you want to learn more about us. If you can't tell, we're a family of three, bringing you the results of a hobby (or obsession) we've fine-tuned for many years. 


Let's start off by explaining what "oyasumi" means.


It's "goodnight" in Japanese, but to us, it means so much more. You see, for two years we couldn't really say "goodnight" to our little one because her allergies interrupted her sleep. Medications didn't work. Even those blasted inhalers did little. We then turned to essential oils (I mean, why not?) and wow! It worked!


Then, we got reckless and started using essential oils like we were rubbing baby oil on our child. In comes the rashes and breathing problems (again), which made us realise essential oils were powerful, little suckers. That's how we learned not all essential oils are safe for children. We then spent hours of research to ensure we could use essential oils without making our child suffer. 


So, we finally got the blend right. Everyone is happy right? Nope. My daughter grows older and finally tells us, "that doesn't smell like home." Hey, she has a point. Whose home naturally smells like tea tree and lavender? Her comment made us determined to find something familiar, so our home would well...smell like home.


Now, we've been making candles for awhile now. It's always been a hobby for the family. And after we found blends that smelled like home, we thought "how could we showcase these scents?" A candle of course! One that wasn't toxic, so our little one could enjoy the scents without breathing in carcinogens and what not. 


So now, we bring to you the unique scents of Oyasumi Scents--crafted after hours of experimentation, tested to be safe, and made to create an atmosphere where you can say "oyasumi".