We're firm believers of the need to 'go green', which is why we're dedicated to being sustainable. Not only do we practise sustainability in our personal lives, we also extend these practises to Oyasumi Scents.


Here are some ways we try to be sustainable:

  1. All our test candles are placed in reused glass jars. From sauce jars, yogurt jars, to cosmetic jars, we use anything heat-resistant to craft our experimental candles.
  2. All packing materials are reused. As you can guess, we get a lot of packages and packing materials. Whenever possible, we will reuse bubble wrap and general padding for your orders too! Rest assured, we spray down all our packing material with 70% isopropyl alcohol and put them in a 1 week quarantine before using the materials to pack our orders. 
  3. Our boxes are made with recycled materials. 

If you want to be sustainable with us, please reuse our candle jars and spray bottles

You can also check out our sustainability videos on our YouTube channel

 Here's our latest video: