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What is a scent profile?

Purchasing scents online isn't easy, which is why we try to provide as much information as possible. You'll see these 5 scent types listed for each candle:






Beside, each parameter, you may (or may not) see a 🌿 . For example, if your candle has a 🌿  beside 'spice', it means the candle will smell slightly spicy. 

Each parameter is ranked out of a scale of 5 🌿s. 1🌿 = mild, 3🌿 = medium, 5🌿 = strong.

You'll also see a general strength indicator for each candle. Again, this is ranked on a scale of 5🌿s, with 5🌿s = strong. 

Why are some candles seasonal?

Coming up with new blends is what inspired us to begin Oyasumi Scents. And call us finicky, but we're always itching to show you what's new. This means that after we sell out of a seasonal scent, we'll bring you something new to keep our collection.

What is Oyasumi Scents Signatures?

These are our best-selling scents that would cause riots if we ever got rid of them. They're here to stay for as long as possible. 

Where did you get your soy wax?

After a lot of testing (maybe too much) with different sources of soy wax, we settled on an organic soy wax straight from Australia. We chose our soy wax for its superior ability to hold fragrances and its tolerance of Singapore's hot, humid weather. Needless to say, we tried putting it in the fridge too, and of course, the wax held up very well. So, if you're planning to bring our candles to a colder climate, don't fret! It will do just fine. 

Where do you get your fragrances?

Most of our fragrances are custom-made and come from all over the world. From the USA, Australia, and Europe, we have a group of fragrance makers who ensure our fragrances uses stabilised essential oils or natural fragrances. None of our fragrances have additives.

Can your candles be used under candle warmers?

Absolutely! However, if you plan to use our candles under a warmer, drop us a note. The fragrance load differs slightly in wax melts used in a warmer, and we can adjust our scents for you so they perform optimally with your warmer. 


How to use our reed diffusers

  1. Remove plastic cap from bottle and replace with wooden cap.
  2. Place 4-6 reeds (use more reeds for a larger room)
  3. Allow reeds to soak for 24 hours before they emit a scent
  4. Flip reeds every week or whenever the scent seems to fade 

Where to place our reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are based placed in areas with air current; so place our diffusers in areas with high traffic, such as hallways or even areas with the windows open or with fans blowing. 

How long will your reed diffusers last?

At a minimum, 3 months, but from our experiences, our reed diffusers can last beyond 6 months. 

My reed diffuser no longer emits scent. What should I do?

  1. Make sure your reed diffuser is placed in an area with air flow. Even areas with open windows will do! This is because reeds need air currents to release the fragrance.
  2. Flip your reed diffusers; in fact we recommend flipping the reed diffusers every week 
  3. Change out your reed diffusers; we don't find this necessary but if you really find that the scent won't disperse despite flipping them, please change out the reeds. We recommend rattan reeds with our diffuser base.



How long do your squish soaps last?

It really depends on how you use our soaps, and how often you use them too! However, a tiny piece of our soap goes a long way, which means it can last you for many washes.

Do I smear your Squish Soaps on like body wash?

No! Think of our Squish Soaps like regular bar soap. Gently rub it against wet skin and it will lather quite nicely.

Do your Squish Soaps expire?

Our expiration dates are marked on each soap, but please note that as all our soaps are made with all-natural ingredients, they should be used within 6-8 months after opening. However, they can sit in their containers (unopened) for up to 2 years. 

Are your Squish Soaps safe for kids?

Yes! Our little one uses our Squish Soaps all the time! However, we do recommend the child be at least 4 years old to ensure they don't try to eat the soap.

My Squish Soap is hard. What do I do?

No worries! Our Squish Soap acts just like clay and will harden if left out in the open. You can make it soft again by adding a little bit of water, and squishing it around in your hands. However, to prevent this from happening, we do recommend storing any unused portions in the container provided.



Aren't essential oils natural and safe for kids? What makes your sprays kid-safe?

We learned the hard way not to underestimate the power of essential oils. They're used for therapy for a reason! And like we're careful with medicine, it's important we exercise the same caution around essential oils. That's why, we've carefully selected our essential oils to ensure our scents are safely delivered (and enjoyed) by the entire family. 

For example, essential oils high in menthol and 1,8-cineole (e.g. rosemary & peppermint) can cause breathing problems in children. We discovered this first-hand when our daughter would wheeze whenever we diffused eucalyptus. But instead of eliminating these classes of scents from our sprays, we found alternatives that are safe for kids. That's why instead of using eucalyptus, we use eucalyptus dives, which has been deemed safe for children. 

Can you use your sprays directly on the skin?

For adults, yes, but like with perfumes, do a patch test first to make sure your skin doesn't react poorly. 

For children, ABSOLUTELY NOT. The concentration of essential oils is too high to be used directly on children's skin. However, it is ABSOLUTELY SAFE to spray onto their clothing, bedding, or soft toys. 

Again, always do a patch test before use.

Can your sprays be used for infants?

No for infants 0-6 months. For those older than 6 months, only spray once or twice on their clothing/bedding/soft toys. Even if you don't smell the spray, remember the little noses are much more sensitive, and they will still enjoy the effects of the essential oils even if your adult nose can't detect them. 

Where do your essential oils come from?

We source our essential oils from one of the top suppliers in the world. Our particular source is from the USA.

Do you sell refills?

We're all about going green so we're working on it! Just give us some time. 



We would love nothing more than to have a recycling program, where we can take back our bottles and jars and refill them for you. However, in light of the pandemic, such programs aren't advisable, but we're working on it and hope we can bring a recycling program to you soon!

In the meantime, please see our instructions on how to reuse our candle jars and spray bottles






As scents are subjective, we DO NOT take returns. 


If your item was received damaged or believed to be incorrect, send us a picture of the received item, and we'll contact you with further instructions. We may require you to send back the damaged/incorrect item, but will reimburse you for postage. 

Exchanges can only be made for unused products.