• "Initially was gifted by friend as Christmas gift [,] after trying it [Starfruit & Cypress] love the smell so much!"

    - A

    Starfruit & Cypress 
  • "...your candles are freaking amazing. The White Tea and Lavender & the Jasmine and Orange Blossom especially. Everyone in the office love[s] the scent!"


    Jasmine & Orange Blossom 
  • "Your candles are just amazing...current fav is jasmine & orange...Thrilled to finally find locally made candles that make me happy"


    Jasmine & Orange Blossom 
  • "I received my order a few weeks ago and really love the candles!!... Growing up in SE Asia and moving to the US, the scents make me feel at home (so hard to find pandan scents here!) and cheer up the room with the more familiar sweet but subtler fragrances (sakura/ calamansi/ jasmine)."

    - Angie

    Pandan & Lemongrass 
  • "The smell of white tea & lavender is perfect for winding down after a hectic day! I really need a bigger jar of this!"


    White Tea & Lavender 
  • "These candles smell amazing—I have tried all the scents and can't pick a favorite!"


    All Soy Candles 
  • "These candles are amazing and my new obsession! My favorite is the white tea and lavender, which fills the whole room and really lasts."


    White Tea & Lavender 
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  • All-Natural and Custom-Made

    We custom-make our fragrances to ensure only the highest quality of all-natural fragrances and stabilised essential oils are used.

  • Sustainability is Key

    We reuse all our packaging and live as sustainably as possible. Join us in living sustainably by viewing our tips and tricks on our website and our social media pages

  • Charitable Contributions

    We donate 10% of all sales to help those in need. Right now, we're dedicating all proceeds to SPCA Singapore.

    Please note we are not affiliated with any charitable organisations.

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