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Oyasumi Scents

Pomelo & Osmanthus Tea Reed Diffuser

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Enjoy our Pomelo & Osmanthus Tea blend as a reed diffuser! A delicate fragrance that has the freshness of citrus (without being too sweet), blended with the light, floral scent of osmanthus tea creates a peaceful and delicate scent. Perfect for those looking for a well-balanced scent. 

Made with an eco-friendly, non-toxic diffuser base that is free of alcohol and soy-based. Our reed diffusers are extremely long-lasting and can last beyond 6 months!

Detailed Specs

Comes with: 8 rattan diffuser reeds, seal cap, wooden cap, and 100mL glass bottle with fragrance.

Our diffuser base is an eco-friendly, sustainable, soy-based solvent that is alcohol-free and non-toxic.

Reed Diffuser Instructions

  • Remove plastic cap from bottle and replace with wooden cap.
  • Place 4-6 reeds (use more reeds for a larger room)
  • Allow reeds to soak for 24 hours before they emit a scent
  • Flip reeds every week or whenever the scent seems to fade 

Where to place our reed diffusers:

Reed diffusers are based placed in areas with air current; so place our diffusers in areas with high traffic, such as hallways or even areas with the windows open or with fans blowing.