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Oyasumi Scents

Lavender Dreams

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Mind that won't quiet? Child who won't sleep? Or are you just tense from this crazy year? Let Lavender Dreams ease your mind so you can breathe and rest easy.  

Ideal for: Easing stress, quieting the mind, encouraging peaceful rest


50mL essential oil spray.

Scent Profile

Lavender: A floral, herbal scent that creates a tranquil environment. 

Ho Wood: A woody, floral scent that is excellent in creating a peaceful environment. 

Clary Sage: An earthy & herbaceous scent that creates a balancing atmosphere. 

Directions for Use

Always conduct a patch test first.

Shake well & spray directly on skin (adults only) and/or fabric items Use within 6 months as this is an all-natural product.

For children, spray on clothing or lovies. Do not spray directly on skin.